Capsule Collections

Soft & Squishy Snack Shop Large
Play Balls 100mm
Maze Cube Large
Squishy Unicorns
Squishy Balls Deluxe
Capsules Pets Puppy
Slime with orbeez
Sticky Snake
Paw Patrol 3D figurines
Zipper Pouch
Lol Ballen
Squeezie Skins
Squishy Animals with jelly balls
Giant Flashing Caterpillar
Orbeez Slime
Giant Squeezie Animals
Maze Cube
Squishy Jelly beads Fruit
Noise slime
Balance Bracelet
Gooey Meshballs, balles globules
My Soft Pets
Fisheye Necklace
Super soft heart
Montre intelligente
Soft & Squishy
Zipper Pouch Large
Inflatable weapons inflatable balls inflatable animals
Giant Flashing Mix
Soft and Squishy Animal Mix
Zoo animals
Bubble Glove
Neon slings
Double Trouble Sticky Hand
Animal mix with glow in the dark animals
Giant Sticky Toy
Ringmix Deluxe
Sticky Demolition Ball
Toy mix
Gluants énormes
Dentiers phosphorescents
Bandes de festival
Tatouage Temporaire
Surprise tattoo sucette
Emoji Mix porte clés bracelet
Flashing Emoji
PU balls
Space Sabers
Space Sabers 70 cm
Fidget Spinner
Sticky Horse
Giant Duckies