Caps, Gum, Nut vendors

Northwestern machines are known as most attractive, reliable and easy to operate machines praised for their longevity and superior quality.

Toy station
  • Toystation
  • Toystation for capsule collections from 45mm up to 65 mm Dimensions 32x44x142cm


Spirales / spirals
  • Spirales
  • Generating the highest sales of bouncing balls and chewing gum

    Available in different sizes:
    - 110 cm height
    - 130 cm height
    -135/140 cm height


  • Super 60
  • Known as the best selling bulk vending machine of all time, the 60 Series has played an integral role in the evolution of the Bulk Vending Industry. The 60 Series’ combination of good looks, reasonable pricing and rugged functionality never goes out of style. Rugged steel and cast alloy con ...

  • Silver Sentinel
  • One of the best looking set-ups in bulk vending, the Silver Sentinel is made for the professional operator. With unparalleled versatility, the Sentinel can display 60 Series and 80 Series on its top and bottom levels. The Sentinel can hold up to ten machines in a variety of combinations, and addi ...

Get your high score !
  • Frog Frenzy
  • Interactive amusement machine with high turn over and low investment

    Hit the frogs and try to beat the high score !

    Solid steel cabine

    Programmable electronic coin mechanism to accept coins of choice

    Dimensions 97cm x 60 cm x 50 cm