Vending Machines

Vending machines, machines that dispense items such as toys, bouncy balls, capsules and candy, are a great way to draw customer attention and to gain extra profit.

Gamaco offers a large range of different types of vending machines: crane machines (also known as Claw machines), capsule dispensers, nut vendors and more.
Due to the fun-factor and the excitement, you can gain high profits offering your customers crane vending machines. Next to the vending machine itself, Gamaco can provide you with the items to fill and refill your crane vending machine. Fill your claw machine with our candy mixes, plush toys or toy mixes. 
Be sure to take a look at the gumball and candy vending machines as well. Both kids and adults favour these machines for the sweet treats you can offer in it. Fill the gumball vending machines with jawbreakers, “dubble bubble” gumballs or Kaboom jawbreakers. We have these gumballs available in different counts.
Next to the gumball vending machines, our candy vending machines contain high quality candy mixes.
Another way of adding extra revenu to your vending business is by offering your customers capsules with a capsule vending machine. There are countless options to fill your capsule machine with: Toys, figurines, jewelry,… take a look at the range of products Gamaco offers.
Browse through our products find the suitable for your vending business needs.